Robert Van Slooten

iOS Software Engineer

Learn to write iOS 7 apps from the beginning with "Cocoa Touch Netcast".  CTN is hosted by Robert Van Slooten.

CTN Project Downloads

The Slider App
UIPickerView Delegation
Keyboards Continued
App Icons and Badges
Universal iOS Apps
Custom Views Continued
Auto Layout
At the Beach
Basic Data Persistence
Coding a Singleton
File System Intro
File System Cont
Objective-C Properties
Alerts and Action Sheets
Screens and Bars screensAndBars.pdf
A Toolbar
Intro to Table Views
UITableView Continued
UITableView Continued
Custom Table Cells
More UINavigationController
Tab Based Apps
Intro to App Settings
Target / Action
Gesture Reconizers
Gesture Reconizers Cont.

Download and double-click on the .zip file.  Open the resulting project folder and double-click the .xcodeproj file.  This will open a Xcode Workspace window.

Great Software = Clear Requirements + Good Design + Clean Code + Testing + Documentation;